Trump Lets Mitch McConnell Have it in First Public Statement

Trump Lets Mitch McConnell Have it in First Public Statement

( – Donald Trump’s impeachment trial ended in acquittal nearly a week ago, on February 13. However, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) attempted to drive a wedge between Republicans and the former president with a Senate floor speech, basically saying Trump was guilty, but it was too late to punish him by impeachment.

Never one to back down from a battle, Trump issued a written statement letting McConnell and other weak Republicans have it with both barrels on Tuesday, February 16.

He wrote the GOP couldn’t gain future respect or political might with people like McConnell leading the party. His inadequacies already cost him his Senate Majority Leader position. The Democrats played McConnell “like a fiddle,” he added.

Characterizing McConnell as a gloomy, crabby “political hack,” Trump went on to warn others that anyone siding with the minority leader wouldn’t win future elections because he won’t do what’s best for the country.

Trump ended his statement vowing to back individuals seeking to primary McConnell and other weak Republicans. The party wants strong leadership focused on Making America Great Again, he wrote.

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