Trump Makes an Announcement on TRUTH Social Site

Trump Makes an Announcement on Truth Social Site

( – Former President Donald Trump announced his intention to create a social media platform not long ago. He wanted to contend with the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Trump’s new business venture, Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), has worked steadily to create TRUTH Social.

After a prolonged and involuntary hiatus from social media, the Don is gearing up for his return to social media. His son, Don Jr., sent out a tweet showing a screen capture of his father’s inaugural post on the upcoming social media site, the platform’s first.

Trump wrote to the nation, declaring their favorite president would be seeing them soon. TRUTH Social plans to make its debut on February 21, President’s Day, allowing a select group of people to begin using the platform. Those familiar with Twitter will likely notice from Trump’s post that the new site’s look and feel are eerily similar, almost as if to antagonize Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter.

Trump’s ambition to create TRUTH Social stemmed from his banishments from Twitter and Facebook. The business mogul and former president urged the need for a social media platform without censorship. While the platform’s future success remains unknown, it appears to have a strong boost in the right direction. A recent Morning Consult poll revealed a majority of registered Republicans indicated they plan to use TRUTH Social when it fully launches.

Will you be one of them?

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