Trump Mocks Jimmy Carter, Whose Wife Has Now Died

( – According to what former President Donald Trump said on November 18th, the Presidency of Jimmy Carter was brilliant when compared to that of the current occupant of the White House. Trump appeared to tell supporters in Iowa that President Joe Biden’s perceived ineffectiveness is so great it has overshadowed what many feel was the unproductive one-term tenure of Carter.

As a result, Trump said that Carter has become “the happiest person” in the nation at the moment. He opined that the Carter Presidency “was a brilliant” administration when juxtaposed against what he said is the collective clown-like behavior of the Biden White House.

While many would likely consider the ex-President’s remarks to be insensitive, mainstream outlets appear to be framing the matter as Trump choosing to mock the Carter family at a time of loss. Rosalynn Carter, the former First Lady, died on November 19th after an extended battle with dementia and a brief period in hospice care.

Few are reporting that Trump’s comments were made a full 24 hours before her death and an even smaller number are reporting that the ex-Commander-in-Chief memorialized Jimmy Carter’s now-deceased spouse with a glowing post on his Truth Social platform. Newsweek appears to have taken things a step further and is suggesting that Trump may not have even written the post himself.

Following Trump’s Iowa comments, Carter’s grandson, James Carter IV, took to Twitter and lambasted the indicted former head-of-state. He said the fact that his grandfather’s name was “in Trump’s mouth” is something he hates, but that he was not offended by the tweet.

The younger Carter instead said that as a Democrat, he took Trump’s words as high praise. His grandfather remains in hospice, where has been since February of this year.

Several outlets have recently released stories suggesting that former President Trump’s language has begun to mimic that of historical dictators like Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler.

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