Trump Pardon Recipient Meets with Special Counsel

( – The man who received a Presidential pardon from Donald Trump in 2020 now appears to have turned on the former head of state. Ex-NYPD Commissioner Bernard “Bernie” Kerik is reported to have secured a deal with Jack Smith, the Special Counsel investigating the 45th President.

Kerik met with federal investigators on August 7th in a purported discussion about the involvement of Rudy Giuliani in Trump’s alleged efforts to question the 2020 election narrative. Lawyers for Kerik confirmed that his meeting lasted about five hours and that it was “mostly about” what Giuliani’s “efforts” were at the time.

Kerik’s Lawyer, Timothy Parlatore, went on to say that his client discussed the Giuliani team’s investigation into “complaints of fraud” and what kind of inquiries they could make concerning the allegations. He said that although they were not “necessarily” able to “establish proof,” they operated on “probable cause” and pursued evidence “in good faith.”

The Giuliani-centered meeting is the first public action taken by Jack Smith’s team since their 4-count indictment was handed down to President Trump on August 1st. Six unnamed co-conspirators are referenced in the indictment, and many believe that Giuliani is among them. Kerik worked alongside the former mayor during his investigation of the 2020 election.

“Co-conspirator 1” is identified as an attorney in the indictment and Giuliani’s history as a lawyer makes him a potential match for the description. The indictment’s language alleges that the conspirator “knowingly” pushed “false claims” about the integrity of the election.

Kerik’s lawyer said that he does not believe Smith will bring charges against Giuliani because he “made clear” that the former mayor was not “intentionally pushing” false narratives about the election.

Kerik began cooperating with the Special Counsel in late July. His lawyers confirmed that the former federal inmate had agreed to turn over several thousand documents totaling close to 2,000 pages related to his team’s investigation of the 2020 national election.

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