Trump Posts Rapid-Fire Tweets Calling For Voting Amid Illness

Trump Posts Rapid-Fire Tweets Calling For Voting Amid Illness

( – If the state of the union is reflected in the velocity and enthusiasm of President Donald Trump’s tweets, then the country is on solid footing ā€” just like the president’s spirits.

Perhaps elated at the prospect of returning to the White House, Trump shot off a series of 18 tweets over 5 minutes the morning of Oct. 5. The tweets all had one thing in common, spelling out the many reasons for people to vote in the upcoming election.

President Trump thanked a voter for saying, “I’m voting for Donald Trump” in the first tweet, below, and ended with him tweeting “PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH (BRING OUR TROOPS HOME). VOTE!”

Other tweets related voting to a variety of topics including law and order, the Second Amendment, religious liberty, taxes, healthcare, and more. The president also fired off another set of tweets minutes before his 6:30 p.m. return to the White House, the last of them promising to hit the campaign trail again “soon!!!”

With less than a month left before the election, it’s unclear how long the president might need to remain quarantined at the White House. However, the rise in his spirits since Friday is unmistakable. Glad to have you back in action, Mr. President!

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