Trump Privately Not Happy About Rudy Giuliani’s Son Running

Trump Privately Not Happy About Rudy Giuliani's Son Running

( – Andrew Giuliani, son of Attorney Rudy Giuliani, announced his campaign for the Republican nomination for governor of New York on May 18. He told reporters that it was “time for a change.” Like his parents, he grew up in New York, and he says he could write the “greatest comeback story ever” for the Empire State.

Giuliani is running a full-blown “Make America Great Again” campaign, citing his four years working in the Trump administration as qualifying him to serve as New York’s governor. There’s only one problem: As New York Magazine reported on June 17, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) was already “anointed” the “MAGA” candidate back in April when he announced his bid for governor of New York.

An unnamed person close to former President Donald Trump says the former president isn’t happy that Giuliani keeps talking to the media about their relationship. According to this individual, Trump “did not encourage [Giuliani] to run.” He said the two men had a “friendly conversation,” but Trump didn’t tell him to toss his hat in the ring.

The source also said Trump’s “appreciation and high regard” for Rudy Giuliani probably explains why Trump hasn’t publicly responded to the “slightly inaccurate” claims presented by Andrew Giuliani regarding his campaign.

Having the right person on the ticket is critical this time around because New York’s current Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo, is particularly vulnerable during this election cycle.

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