Trump Receives Award for Presidential Successes

Trump Receives Award for Presidential Successes

( – Donald Trump had quite a weekend at his Mar-a-Lago residence. He delighted attendees of a fundraiser for Big Dog Ranch Rescue when he took the stage to deliver an impromptu speech on Friday, March 12.

The following day a delegation from the Alabaman Republican Party presented him with a framed copy of a resolution declaring him one of the nation’s “greatest and most effective presidents.”

The proclamation was unanimously approved by the party’s executive committee at its winter meeting in Montgomery, Alabama, on February 27. Former state Rep. Perry Hooper Jr., a sponsor of the resolution, spoke to Fox News about it shortly before the ceremony.

The resolution “talks” about Donald Trump’s greatness and how he accomplished making “America Great Again,” he stated. It recognized “all the great things” Trump did, like building up the nation’s military, bringing back the manufacturing industry, and creating the “best economy ever.”

This resolution demonstrates the strong support Donald Trump has from Republicans nationwide. Speaking of Trump, Hooper reminded Fox News, “he got 75 million votes for a reason.”

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