Trump Releases List of Issues He Was Right About

Trump Releases List of Issues He Was Right About

( – It’s no secret that Donald Trump doesn’t think highly of the mainstream media (MSM). He spoke out against media bias and “fake news” throughout his time in office. Now, he’s speaking out again, this time to set the record straight.

On June 12, The Washington Examiner reported that Trump released a statement via email citing numerous examples of false claims published by mainstream media outlets to make him look bad.

“Hydroxychloroquine works,” Trump began. He asked readers if they noticed how legacy media companies “are now admitting” he was correct about “everything they lied about” leading up to the election.

His email contained an exhaustive list of issues the MSM got wrong. A few highlights included:

  • The alleged origin of COVID-19
  • The fact that law enforcement officials didn’t clear Lafayette Square for an alleged photo-op
  • Quarantines and other harsh restrictions in Democratic-led states that didn’t work
  • The allegation that Russia placed a bounty on American troops was fake

A growing body of evidence supports those claims. For instance, the media tore him apart for promoting hydroxychloroquine. However, a recently released study determined the use of hydroxychloroquine increased survival rates by almost 200% when administered along with azithromycin.

As Lindsey Graham recently noted during a Fox News interview that, had the MSM told the truth about things like the origins of the COVID-19 virus, the 2020 presidential election would have turned out differently.

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