Trump Says Biden’s Mental Health Is Getting Worse

Trump Says Biden's Mental Health Is Getting Worse

( – Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden faces renewed mental health questions after displaying a couple of stunning memory lapses on the campaign trail on Monday, October 12.

When asked at a campaign stop, whether Senators should “consider” Amy Coney Barrett’s religious faith during her confirmation hearings, Biden answered “no.” He also recounted the time he “got in trouble” questioning the faith of Mitt Romney, the Republican senator for Utah and former governor of Massachusetts.

However, as you can see in the clip below, he seemed confused over Romney’s name.

Later in the day, he told attendees at a Toledo, Ohio, rally he was “running as a proud Democrat for the Senate.” President Donald Trump weighed in on the memory lapses in a tweet reminding supporters this wasn’t the first time Biden told supporters he was running for the Senate.

Sadly, the president is correct. Biden told South Carolina supporters earlier this year he was “a Democratic candidate for the United State’s Senate.”

Questioning Biden’s mental ability is reasonable under the circumstances. At 78 years of age, Biden would become the oldest president in history should he win the November election. It’s certainly something for voters to consider before casting their vote this year.

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