Trump Says Election “Greatest Theft in History of America”

Trump Says Election

( – Known for speaking his mind, President Donald Trump spoke out about the controversy surrounding the 2020 presidential election results during a fiery interview published by the New York Post over the weekend.

Contributor Michael Goodwin reached out to the president Friday night, November 13. According to Trump, the election’s results constituted “the greatest theft” in the nation’s history. “It’s not possible” he lost the election with an estimated vote total of roughly 74 million, he added.

President Trump echoed that claim in a Monday morning tweet in response to a tweet about “inflated Biden vote tallies.”

Goodwin reported the president spoke in an even tone throughout the interview, telling him “corrupt institutions” like The Washington Post and ABC News co-opted the election through the strategic use of negative polls intended to suppress the vote.

Asked if he would concede the election if his numerous lawsuits failed, the president responded time would tell, that the idea of defeat was hard to take when poll watchers weren’t allowed to observe vote counts as mandated by law.

The results of the election continue changing daily in several states, and numerous new lawsuits continue to be filed. One thing remains certain; President Trump continues to fight for a fair vote count.

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