Trump Supporter Indicted for Threatening Fulton County Officials

( – An apparently over-zealous supporter of Donald Trump has been charged in Georgia for allegedly leaving a pair of threatening voicemails for the district attorney and county sheriff who were and are involved in the ex-Commander-in-Chief’s election interference proceedings. Arthur Ray Hanson II was indicted by a federal grand jury on October 25th for his alleged transmission of “interstate threats.”

Prosecutors say the 59-year-old Alabama native and resident called Fulton County’s customer service phone number a little less than three weeks before the former President was arrested and booked and left two intimidating messages. Authorities said the first was for Patrick Labat, Fulton County’s Sheriff.

The second voicemail, they say, was left for Fani Williis, the area’s now well-known District Attorney. Labat’s department was responsible for the ex-President’s arrest, booking, and subsequent mugshot photo. Willis, as many are aware, was responsible for indicting the ex-head of state and is set to helm Georgia’s case against Trump in his proceedings that are scheduled for next year.

Hanson allegedly told Labat in the recorded note, “If you take a mug shot of the president and you’re the reason it happened, some bad [expletive]’s gonna happen to you. […] You gonna get [expletive] up you keep [expletive] with my president.” He also allegedly said that he was warning him right now not to “[expletive] up” his life and end up getting “hurt real bad.”

In the message he allegedly left for Willis, prosecutors said Hanson told the DA that she needed to make certain that she was watching her back – “Anytime you’re alone, be looking over your shoulder.” There would be moments when she would be vulnerable and lacking someone to protect her, Hanson allegedly added. According to prosecutors, his alleged threat to Willis specifically mentioned her home and personal vehicle.

Hanson later said he is not the person officials are portraying him to be, though he declined to comment on the details of his case other than to say that the accusations against him were nothing but “[expletive]” and that he never planned on hurting anybody.

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