Trump Takes Biden to the Woodshed

( – August 27, 2020, is a night for the history books with President Donald Trump blasting Democratic rival Joe Biden before a roaring crowd of 2,000 supporters.

The President delivered a scorching rebuke of Biden during his renomination acceptance speech. Speaking from the White House South Lawn, he painted a striking contrast between his vision for American and Joe Biden’s.

Stating that the November election will determine the American Dream’s fate, President Trump warned that his rival “is NOT the savior of America’s soul.” He’s the “destroyer” of jobs and given the opportunity of “American Greatness.”

Continuing, the President told the audience that Biden’s political record was a “shameful” roster of “catastrophic betrayals and blunders,” that he “is a Trojan horse for socialism.”

President Trump concluded his speech by laying out his vision for the next four years, vowing that he would defend Americans’ right to “live in security, dignity, and peace” as long as he remained in office.

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