Trump Used Classified Folder to Block Bedroom Light

( – The contents of classified documents at the homes of former presidents may be significantly more boring than imagined. According to a lawyer for former President Donald Trump, the 45th commander-in-chief used a folder marked “classified” as a shade to block light and help him sleep.

As many business travelers do, Trump apparently used the paper folder to block blinking lights from phones and electronic devices next to his bed. His attorney Timothy Parlatore told CNN the folder itself wasn’t even full of legitimately classified documents.

The folder was marked “Classified Evening Summary,”¬†which Parlatore said is not a marking that means the contents are secret. “It is not anything that is controlled in any way,” the lawyer said.

The FBI famously raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida in September 2022, ostensibly looking for classified documents even though Trump cooperated with the investigation. The former President said agents ransacked the home, even going through clothes closets used by his wife, Melania.

By contrast, the current sitting President has been treated much more gently after it was revealed that he has his own cache of papers marked “classified.” Instead of an FBI raid, lawyers working for President Joe Biden searched his two Delaware homes to look for classified documents.

White House lawyers recovered documents from Biden’s Wilmington home garage where he keeps his classic Corvette Stingray. They also found classified documents at the President’s think tank, the Biden-Penn Center in D.C.

Trump’s Vice President, Mike Pence, announced in January that he found documents marked “classified” in his Indiana home. Pence promptly delivered the documents to the National Archives.

Government officials are still investigating Trump, and they say one of his aides scanned classified documents into a laptop. That computer has been turned over to investigators.

Trump’s attorney Parlatore said classified papers keep appearing because the White House does not have adequate protocols for handling such documents.

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