Trump’s Border Policy to Be Brought Back Under Joe Biden

Trump's Border Policy to Be Brought Back Under Joe Biden

( – America’s southern border has been in chaos for months, with immigrants flooding toward the country at an unprecedented rate. President Joe Biden’s decision to relax border guidelines, first enacted under Donald Trump, inspired thousands of migrants to journey across South America and into the United States to secure asylum. Now, it seems Biden is finally about to pay homage to the former leader by rolling back the rules.

The Biden administration announced that it had reached an agreement with Mexico to revive former President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. Originally called the Migrant Protection Protocols, it requires those seeking asylum to wait in Mexico until US officials decide on their case.

Biden’s decision to revive the policy, which officials noted is supremely similar to the version enacted under Trump, comes as a bit of a surprise. The current commander-in-chief was vehemently against it when he first stepped into office.

In fact, Biden severely criticized Trump’s policy in 2020, calling it inhumane and dangerous while claiming it went against everything America stands for. Now, the president is apparently backtracking on that statement, perhaps hoping to soothe ongoing criticism over his handling of the border in advance of 2024.

The irony in this situation is not lost. Biden and Democrats bashed Trump for his hardline approach to migrants but now look to implement it to stave off the very same border crisis they created. Isn’t that a little bit hypocritical?

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