Tucker Carlson Accuses Federal Agents of Escalating Capitol Riot

Tucker Carlson Accuses Federal Agents of Escalating Capitol Riot

(RepublicanNews.org) – The riot at the nation’s capital on January 6 continues to raise questions throughout the nation’s law enforcement and intelligence services. Several theories have arisen concerning the parties responsible for the attack on the US Capitol Building. A recent report could indicate a reason to believe the FBI may have escalated events leading up to the incident.

Revolver, a far-right news site, published an exposé on June 14, potentially connecting undercover FBI agents to at least some of the planning of the January 6 incident. Revolver reported that federal prosecutors listed several “unindicted co-conspirators” in some of the indictments of alleged organizers of the riot.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson elaborated on that report during the June 15 airing of his program. He speculated that those unindicted co-conspirators worked for the FBI as undercover agents. He also theorized they may have contributed to the incident at the nation’s capital on January 6.

Some legal experts claim that undercover agents can’t be considered co-conspirators. Either way, Carlson appears to have justification for raising concerns about the FBI. For instance, FBI Director Christopher Wray recently urged members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee to expand the FBI’s ability to monitor law-abiding citizens on social media. Additionally, in March, he seemed to imply during Senate testimony that he was interested in infiltrating the groups that allegedly planned the January 6 riot. Both are cause for concern.

We will keep you updated regarding future developments in this breaking story.

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