Tucker Carlson Says ‘Lost’ Biden Documents Have Resurfaced

Tucker Carlson Says Damning Hunter Biden Documents Have Vanished

(RepublicanNews.org) – In a bizarre turn of events, a collection of incriminating Biden family documents played a game of cat-and-mouse this week while traveling from Fox News’ New York headquarters to Los Angeles.

On October 28, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson told viewers Fox News received confidential documents related to the Biden family at their New York office on Monday. “We think those documents are real,” Tucker explained, adding they’re “damning.”

Fox overnight shipped the documents to Los Angeles, where Carlson was conducting an interview. However, Tuesday morning, he received word from the shipping company that someone opened the package and its contents were missing. Carlson withheld the name of the shipping company.

Around noon on Thursday, a UPS spokesperson told Business Insider they found the missing documents “after an extensive search,” and the package was back on its way to Carlson. The representative did not explain the disappearance and declined to answer further questions.

With the presidential election less than a week away, it’s increasingly essential voters get some answers to the growing body of questions regarding allegedly corrupt Biden family business dealings overseas. Perhaps these documents will shed some light on the situation.

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