Tucker Carlson Tells Media to “Look No Further” Regarding Election Rigging

Tucker Carlson Tells Media to

(RepublicanNews.org) – The country anxiously awaits the outcome of several lawsuits alleging voting irregularities in the 2020 presidential elections. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump and conservative members of the media continue presenting evidence of election rigging to the American public at large.

For instance, Fox News host Tucker Carlson discussed mainstream media’s coverage of Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, during the December 9 airing of his primetime show. As Carlson explained, Americans didn’t need to look any further than major news outlets’ failure to adequately report on the younger Biden’s legal problems. According to Carlson, that failure constituted election rigging.

Continuing, Carlson reminded viewers that shortly before the November 3 elections, he reported federal investigators were looking into Hunter Biden’s business dealings. The mainstream media knew about those investigations, Carlson explained. But, they hid that information from their viewers, knowing it would hurt Biden’s chances of winning the election.

Concluding his program, Carlson summarized the media’s efforts to dismiss serious allegations lodged against Hunter Biden to protect his father’s presidential campaign — calling it “all the proof you need” of election rigging.

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