Tucker Carlson’s First Show Surpasses 100M Views

(RepublicanNews.org) – In less than one week, Tucker Carlson’s profound exit from Fox News has seen his first post-Fox monologue garner a whopping 115 million views. The hosting platform, and Carlson’s new home, Twitter, presented viewers with a 10-minute soliloquy and quickly amassed almost one million likes, 80 thousand comments, and more than a quarter million retweets. His viewership, eager for a censorship-free presentation of current affairs, pushed the episode past 13 million views within three hours of the initial posting. For the sake of comparison, his counterpart replacement at Fox saw 1.5 million viewers tune in.

Carlson’s forced departure from his prior network came in the wake of Fox News’ $787 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems – a settlement in which Fox executives were allegedly required to give Carlson a pink slip, though said condition was never codified in legal paperwork. After more than a decade with the company, Carlson was fired.

In his first 600 seconds back on the airwaves, he lambasted the military-industrial complex and corporate media, opined on UFOs and Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy, and assured his viewers that should Twitter ever engage in censorship towards him, he would find a new outlet.

Likening his newfound freedom to “the new shortwave radio under the blankets,” and citing a lack of “gatekeepers,” Carlson conveyed his gratitude to the platform.

After controversially taking the helm at Twitter in October, Elon Musk promised to remove censorship constraints at the company. While it appears his guarantee has been kept in the short term, some are skeptical about what lies in store for the social network. Although he still maintains a controlling stake in the company, Musk hired Linda Yaccarino to replace him as Twitter’s CEO in early June.

Many cite Yaccarino’s direct ties to the World Economic Forum and her previous role as an executive at NBCUniversal in suggesting that her ideology concerning censorship cannot coexist with that of Tucker Carlson.

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