Twitter Censors Trump Posts About the Election

Twitter Censors Trump Posts About the Election

( – Twitter continues meddling in electoral politics through its ongoing efforts to censor Conservative voices, including President Donald Trump. So far, Twitter posted warnings on three of the president’s election tweets. Unsurprisingly, the social media giant hasn’t censored any tweets by Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Twitter posted its first warning on a November 2 tweet, calling a Supreme Court ruling on Pennsylvania voting “dangerous.”

The second warning came in the wee hours of the morning of November 4, with Twitter taking issue with the president tweeting that post-election votes shouldn’t count.

The social media site posted its third warning after President Trump tweeted that some of the vote counts in “key states” appear to have changed since election night. He also stated the “pollsters” got the election results wrong.

President Trump issued an executive order in May 2020 to eliminate legal protections for social media companies like Twitter. Perhaps it’s time for additional executive or legislative action barring election tampering in the form of censorship by big tech companies.

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