TX Gov to Deploy Special Units at Border

(RepublicanNews.org) – When a Trump administration order expires on May 11th, border states worry that illegal immigration will get worse. Texas Governor, Republican Greg Abbott, is getting ahead of potential problems with the deployment of “special units” to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Title 42, put in place by the Trump administration, gives the federal government power to expel immigrants at the border, but only on public health grounds. The order was written during the Covid pandemic and refers to communicable diseases.

Abbott told a group of sheriffs from 33 Texas counties that the state will send personnel to the border to help border agents. He said more than six million people might cross the border every year.

The governor also said help was coming for ranchers who make their living along the border, and whose land has been damaged by illegal immigrants and human traffickers.

Abbott has stood out for his assertive stance on border security, and his views on the Biden administration’s handling of U.S.-Mexico immigration. His Florida counterpart, Ron DeSantis, drew cheers and jeers for sending two planeloads of illegal immigrants to the wealthy liberal stronghold of Martha’s Vineyard last year.

For his part, Abbott launched Operation Lonestar, which put immigrants on buses to other Democratic cities. Liberals have called such actions inhumane stunts, but defenders point out that blue states and cities constantly claim that immigrants should be welcomed and cared for. They seem to feel differently when they have to actually do the welcoming and caring.

Meanwhile, some Republican senators are trying to make Title 42 permanent. Bill Hagerty (R-TN), has introduced a bill that would expand Title 42 to allow it to be used to stop drug smuggling, not just communicable diseases.

Abbott told Texas sheriffs that he’s launching “quick response teams” to go to cities such as El Paso, where illegal border crossings are rampant. He said he wants personnel to respond “aggressively.”

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