TX Governor Abbott Tries to Secure Border

(RepublicanNews.org) – Texas Governor Greg Abbot says the Lone Star State is taking on responsibility for border security after requests for help to the Biden administration have fallen on deaf ears.

Border states such as Texas and California fear a massive surge of illegal immigration after the upcoming expiration of a federal rule that has been used to turn back millions of immigrants. Title 42, a public health order signed by President Trump in 2020, allows the U.S. to quickly expel immigrants on public health grounds. 

Several million immigrants have been turned away under the rule, and the Biden administration has continued to use Title 42. But the rule expired on May 11th, and officials have been trying to convince would-be migrants that they are not going to have an easier time entering the country now that it has. 

Abbott shared a video on Twitter depicting border officials laying barbed wire in Brownsville, Texas. He said, “This is one thing Texas is doing to secure the border.” The video shows several hundred feet of coiled barbed wire with some areas using stacked barbed wire to create a higher barrier. 

Barbed wire may deter, but it does not appear to prevent border crossings. It is easy to find photo and video evidence of immigrants wrapping themselves in blankets to avoid being cut as they wiggle through the wire. 

Such actions may not have been necessary if the Biden administration had not fought against the border wall former President Trump championed. Border states say President Joe Biden has failed to disburse money approved for the wall originally approved by the Trump administration. 

While officials have been pleading with immigrants in public not to believe they’ll be able to easily enter the country now that Title 42 has expired, the message is not being received.

El Paso has temporarily closed down several major thoroughfares and has suspended streetcar service in an effort to contain what it fears will be chaos as thousands wait just across the border. 

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