U.S. Deploys Nuclear Submarine to Middle East, Offers Show of Force

(RepublicanNews.org) – Not far from where Israel’s war with Hamas is raging, America’s policy of nuclear deterrence is seemingly on display. In a November 5th Twitter posting, U.S. Central Command uploaded what appeared to be a current image of what is widely believed to be a nuclear-armed Ohio-class submarine traversing Egypt’s Suez Canal.

The tweet in question provided no details whatsoever except for a date, the type of vessel that had been deployed, and a statement that said the submarine had arrived in CENTCOM’s “area of responsibility.” Though no location was specifically mentioned, Egypt’s Al Salam Bridge could be seen in the picture’s background.

Fox News reports that the Department of Defense is hoping to send what will be interpreted by regional powers and America’s enemies as “an unmistakable message.” The outlet notes that the DoD’s acknowledgment of a submarine’s location is historically a “very rare” occurrence.

Mobile underwater platforms complete the U.S. trifecta of nuclear forces. Instead of sending nuclear payloads thousands of miles on bomber aircraft or on the tip of an intercontinental ballistic missile, submarines have the ability to launch their weapons from right off an enemy’s coastline.

The Ohio-class sub shown in CENTCOM’s November 5th post is capable of carrying missiles of both the nuclear and conventional variety, though for reasons most would assume are related to operational security, the DoD has not announced what breed of weapons the vessel is carrying. Many would likely assume it has both on board.

For those who have lost count of the number of U.S. forces who have been deployed to the Middle East, some 17,350 personnel have either arrived in or are en route to the region. In addition to elite “tier 1” special operators like Seal Team 6 and Delta Force, a Marine amphibious assault carrier is operating off the coast of Israel.

Hundreds of fighter aircraft and dozens of ships are already in theater.

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