U.S. Government In CONTACT With Vladimir Putin Operatives!

US Talks With Russia In Turkey

US Talks With Russia In Turkey

(RepublicanNews.org) – In September, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the world his country had “various means of destruction” and would not hesitate to use such measures if anyone threatened the Motherland. Many people took those words to mean a veiled threat of nuclear war. Months later, the country’s foreign ministry said preventing a “clash of nuclear powers” is a top priority.

On November 14, Newsweek reported the White House confirmed current talks between the United States and Russia were taking place in Turkey. The conversations have specifically “centered around” minimizing nuclear threats between the nations; however, the federal government made it clear they would not be discussing Ukraine.

A spokesperson for the National Security Council said both parties were interested in stabilization strategies to manage the risk of a nuclear conflict. The rep also confirmed Ukraine was briefed before the trip, and there would be no discussions of the war between the US and Russia without the sovereign nation’s presence. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said America initiated the conversation.

During the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Turkey has served as a mediator on several occasions, making the location an obvious choice for discussions between the US and Moscow. With President Joe Biden and his administration’s continued focus on sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, it’s hard to say what the outcome of current nuclear discussions with Putin’s country will be.

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