U.S. Navy Ship Takes Down Missiles From Yemen

(RepublicanNews.org) – The U.S. Navy’s October 19th takedown of missiles and drones that were launched from Yemen appears to be more complex than was originally reported. Initial coverage suggested that “several” drones and not more than “three” missiles had been shot out of the sky after Houthi separatists launched the assets.

Following the incident, Brigadier General Patrick Ryder told reporters at the Pentagon that he could not “say for certain” what the final destination of the air-based weapons was, but he did acknowledge that they were “heading north along” a trajectory over “the Red Sea.” Ryder said they were “potentially” aimed at “targets in Israel.”

While the Pentagon did not discount the activity, it would appear that they left a handful of seemingly relevant details out. Mainstream reports from October 20th suggested that the missile and drone onslaught lasted a full nine hours. The missiles in question were reportedly the medium-range “cruise” variety and there were at least four of them.

Original reports of “several” drones were later updated to a total of 15. Houthi rebels, who identify as Shia Muslims, receive both their funding and arms from nearby Iran. The group has been locked in an ongoing civil war with the Saudi-backed Yemeni government, which is Sunni-controlled, for nearly a decade. Houthis have far more at their disposal than AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenades, and cheap aerial tech.

Were the missiles used on October 19th the breed the group is believed to have in its inventory, they could easily penetrate Israeli airspace. The same can be said about their drone technology. In addition to being capable of making it all the way to Israel, their Samad 3 can carry an explosive payload.

Popular support for the Palestinian cause in Yemen appears widespread. An October 21st protest in the nation’s capital was attended by what appeared to be a minimum of tens of thousands of people opposed to the siege of Gaza.

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