UK Targets English Channel in New Bill Addressing Illegal Migration

( – Illegal immigrants will no longer be allowed to claim asylum in the United Kingdom once a new bill is signed by the King. Dubbed the Illegal Migration Bill, the legislation will see anyone who enters the UK illegally deported back to their country of origin or to a safe third country such as Rwanda.

Those who are apprehended and returned will also be barred from reentering the country at a later time.

Following an exhaustive process of “ping pong” between the Houses of Commons and Lords involving nearly 30 amendments, the bill was finalized on July 18th. It is now ready for Royal Assent, where it is set to be approved by King Charles III and become law.

“Ping Pong” refers to the process by which Britain’s elected representatives in the House of Commons negotiate with their unelected counterparts in the House of Lords. The act is comparable to negotiations between the U.S. Senate and House.

According to Lord Murray, Home Office Minister, Britain’s immigration system has been subjected to more than 45,000 illegal Channel crossings in the last year. It’s “no longer sustainable,” he said.

Criminal groups are guilty of “exploiting vulnerable people,” he said. According to the Minister, migrants are charged thousands of pounds to make dangerous and illegal boat crossings of the English Channel. He says once the bill becomes law, funding for criminal groups will dry up because migrants know they will be turned away upon arrival.

Murray says this will serve to alleviate the stress Britain’s migration system is under and allow the government a “greater capacity” to aid legitimate refugees seeking asylum legally.

While the bill has passed both houses of Parliament, the UK Court of Appeal ruled in June that sending illegal asylum seekers to Rwanda is “unlawful.” The court said that illegal immigrants may face inhumane treatment if sent to the country. Prime Minister Sunak plans to appeal their decision.

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