Ukraine Fires on Crimean Shipyard

( – Russian naval assets harboring in the Crimean port city of Sevastopol were struck by Ukrainian forces on September 13th. Both Russian and Ukrainian authorities have acknowledged and confirmed the attack, though both sides are withholding key details. Russia has declined to say what assets were lost and Ukraine has declined to say what means the nation used to deliver their munitions.

Kremlin forces have been in the area since annexing it in 2014 and are reported to house their Black Sea Fleet there. Many outlets are reporting the attack to be the largest Ukrainian operation in Russian territory since the conflict began.

While the nation has used drones in attacks on the Russian homeland in operations as far away as Moscow, many are speculating that the latest violence in Sevastopol is the result of missile strikes. Ukrainian military intelligence confirmed shortly after the events that both a “submarine” and a “large landing vessel” were struck, but the agency refused to comment on what weapons were used.

A White House debate on whether or not to supply the Eastern European nation with long-range missiles has been circulating in the news for some time, though it is unclear if that proposed policy had anything to do with the recent attack.

The Russian defense ministry said Ukraine had used cruise missiles in the attack and that two of their ships were damaged while docked and undergoing repairs. Ten missiles were fired, and 7 were intercepted in the air, according to the Kremlin. The agency declined to comment on the extent of the damage, or what class of vessels were hit.

Videos of the attack and its aftermath quickly appeared on social media. Massive explosions and fires could be seen in the night sky. One well-known Twitter account suggested Ukrainian assertions that a Russian submarine and landing vessel had been struck were true. According to the poster, both assets were known to dock there.

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