UN Focuses on Promoting Gender Ideology to Parents and Children

(RepublicanNews.org) – The United Nations is very interested in making sure that children receive what they call Comprehensive Sexual Education or CSE. Despite the innocuous-sounding name, CSE isn’t just your typical birds and the bees, “facts of life” type of curriculum. The “Comprehensive” part of CSE drifts into myriad subjects that might not be familiar to many parents, or more precisely: are designed to be discussed and taught without the guidance or knowledge of parents at all.

That includes teaching and guiding children on topics like sexual pleasure, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases and their treatment, seeking and using contraception, as well as “gender-affirming care.”

It’s unclear what business the UN has in making sure that children are versed in self-pleasure, intercourse, or life-altering hormonal treatments, but at the very center of all of CSE’s dictates, is the notion that parents should not be centered, or in some cases, involved at all.

This segregation of the “private” lives of students from their parents’ knowledge might sound strange, but it’s already happening apace in the United States. One mother in California recently found out the hard way that many educators, legislators, and medical practitioners see it as their guiltless duty to keep parents in the dark when it comes to important, sometimes irreversible life decisions regarding their child.

Jessica Konen’s daughter was “socially transitioned” at school, changing her identity to a boy, without Konen’s knowledge. The good news in Konen’s case is that she was able to sue and win a $100,000 settlement against the school district. Konen’s point: transitioning genders is an adult decision, and should not have been made unilaterally by educators at her daughter’s school.

The lawsuit answered the question: who has primary interest and authority over a child’s important and sensitive life decisions? The answer, in this case, came in the form of a lawsuit settlement – in contrast and defiance, it seems, to the preferences of unaccountable bureaucrats at the UN.

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