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China Refused to Give WHO Early COVID Data

China Refused to Give WHO Early COVID Data

(UnitedVoice.com) – The World Health Organization (WHO) sparked condemnation last year after praising China’s Communist regime for its response to the COVID pandemic – but it’s now emerged that Beijing won’t even let the WHO see its data on the beginning of the plague. China set out to deceive the world on what had happened in Wuhan late 2019, and the WHO is letting them get away with it.

On February 12 the Wall Street Journal reported that when the WHO asked for raw data on the December 2019 outbreak in Wuhan – the event that began the global pandemic we’re still suffering from – the Chinese turned down the request, and only sent a few examples of cases. Without the full data, the WHO can’t carry out proper analysis on how the disease got started. All along, the UN agency has failed to predict how far and fast coronavirus would spread; a lack of data isn’t going to help them improve.

Well over a year into the pandemic, it’s easy to lose track of its origins as we struggle to bring life back to normal and get the economy running again. This new evidence of Communist scheming is a vital reminder that China did this to the world – and the WHO stood by and did nothing.

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