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Joe Biden Has Yet to Brief Senate Following Military Strike

Joe Biden Has Yet to Brief Senate Following Military Strike

(UnitedVoice.com) – On Thursday, February 25, the Biden administration ordered missile strikes on Syria. The military was reportedly targeting Iranian-backed militias who recently carried out attacks in Iraq. President Joe Biden is now in hot water over the decision.

According to Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) the Biden administration still hasn’t briefed senators directly about the attack. The lawmaker sat in on a meeting between Biden’s team and Senate aides on March 2, but said he still needs more information to “be convinced” that the new president had “authorization” to carry out the strikes. He explained he “didn’t hear anything” to convince him “there was justification” for the attack.

Slightly over a month into his presidency, Biden is already thumbing his nose at Congress. It’s concerning that he seems to be refusing checks on his executive power, especially so soon. What’s the rest of his tenure going to look like if he’s doing this now?

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