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Republicans Planning to Take Back 47 House Seats

Republicans Planning to Take Back 47 House Seats

(UnitedVoice.com) – Democrats currently have slim majorities in the House and Senate. With President Joe Biden in the White House, the Left is trying to ram through many of its radical policies. Now, Republicans have one goal for the next two years: to take back control of Congress. It looks like party leadership is mapping out a plan to do just that.

On February 10, Politico published a report outlining the National Republican Congressional Committee’s plan to take back control. Party leadership wants to win 47 House seats in 2022, and they want to do it by ignoring all of the partisan drama of the last couple of years. NRCC Chair Tom Emmer said they’re going to talk to people about “stuff that matters.”

The GOP only needs to hold its current seats and win five more to take control of the House in the midterm elections. If history remains on their side, that won’t be a problem. The party of the president generally loses seats during the midterms. It happened in 2018 when Democrats won big and in 2010 when Republicans flipped the House. If the Right stays the course and appeals to the people, not the establishment, there’s no reason to believe they won’t win the majority they crave.

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