University Bans Unvaccinated Students from Online Learning

University Bans Unvaccinated Students from Online Learning

( – Universities across the country are mandating students receive the COVID-19 vaccine or risk expulsion. Some institutions have programs allowing people to attend school online and skip out on the vaccine. However, for one college student, even that’s not good enough. 

Rutgers University was the first in the US to require students to receive the vaccine. But, the school doesn’t require alumni to vaccinate if they’re not going to attend classes on-campus, as many have opted to learn virtually. 

One student slipped into limbo somewhere in-between. Logan Hollar, a 22-year-old senior, attends his class virtually. Yet, he isn’t a part of the school’s remote learning program, and therefore Rutgers requires him to vaccinate. Hollar hasn’t received COVID inoculations and doesn’t intend to do so. 

The senior has already missed a week’s worth of classes over the ordeal, noting he’ll likely have to transfer out of Rutgers. In March, the school put out guidance stating its requirement for anyone intent on returning to campus to vaccinate. Hollar claims he read the guideline but didn’t believe it would affect him because he would attend all his classes online. However, the university locked him out of his school account and email, insisting he must take the vaccine before attending. 

Hollar’s step-father, Keith Williams, who took the vaccine and believes they work, said even he doesn’t believe that the coronavirus travels through computer screens. Hollar made it clear he doesn’t advocate against the vaccine; he just doesn’t believe he needs to vaccinate or that mandates should force people to take them. 

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