University Students Face Antisemitic Threats, Biden ‘Very Concerned’

( – Despite Karine Jean-Pierre first appearing to say that the Biden administration was more concerned about the uptick in threats posed to America’s Muslim community, the press secretary has now acknowledged that the White House is indeed concerned about instances of anti-Jewish hate on the nation’s college campuses. Jean-Pierre’s October 30th remarks were made in reference to developments at Cornell University.

Though charges had not yet been filed at the time of KJP’s remarks, reports were circulating that suggested Cornell’s Jewish-background students were being targeted in an online setting. According to a number of outlets, threatening messages had begun appearing on a website that was unaffiliated with the university.

Jewish students reportedly brought the issue up with Cornell administrators, and the school launched an investigation. Martha Pollack, the school’s president, addressed the concerns in an October 29th letter to the student body and assured enrollees that the appropriate actions would be taken.

The alleged threats in question were made in a handful of separate posts and the suspect reportedly mentioned bringing a firearm to a specific location frequented by Jewish students. At the behest of New York Governor Kathy Hochul, both the FBI and New York State Police became involved.

On October 31st, officials said they had identified a person of interest. Later that day, a junior by the name of Patrick Dai was taken into custody. According to authorities, he allegedly leveled threats of murder and rape against Jewish women, men, and even infants. Some readers may be interested to know that Dai is of Asian ancestry.

New York officials said he had violated laws that prohibited using “interstate communications” to threaten death or injury to others. His felony charges will likely be expanded and because he has yet to be arraigned, it is unclear if he will be eligible for bond.

Following his arrest, the 21-year-old’s family said was extremely “depressed, not in control,” and potentially suicidal.

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