Unofficial Spokesperson for Kim Jong-un’s Regime Calls Biden’s Actions “Shameful”

Unofficial Spokesperson for Kim Jong-un's Regime Calls Biden's Actions

( – US relations with North Korea, friendly during Trump’s time in office, have all but become a ticking time bomb since Joe Biden took office. Biden’s recent decision to end decades-long restrictions on South Korean missile development provoked a strong response from a long-time ally of North Korea’s ruling dynasty.

The Associated Press reported on May 30 that Korean international affairs critic Kim Myong-chol called Biden’s decision a “stark reminder” of America’s hostile North Korean policy and its “shameful double-dealing.”

Kim Myong-chol has a long-time relationship with Kim Jong-un and his father, Kim Jong-il. He has also been considered an unofficial spokesperson for North Korea for the better part of 20 years.

North Korean officials echoed that sentiment to a lesser degree. They accused Biden’s policy of exhibiting hostility. On the plus side, North Korean government officials didn’t go as far as calling the US behavior shameful.

Perhaps it’s an indication the Hermit Kingdom officials still hold out hope for future diplomacy with the Biden administration.

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