US Citizen Says He Was KIDNAPPED – Horrifying Incident Reported!

American Says He Was Kidnapped, Attacked in Mexico

American Says He Was Kidnapped, Attacked in Mexico

( – An American tourist has come forward to claim he was kidnapped and left for dead while visiting Mexico. Dustan Jackson, a Utah native, was in Cancun with his wife when he decided to make a run to replenish his tobacco supplies. Like many other tourists, he called a taxi — and that’s when he says things went awry.

According to a Fox 11 Report, the cab driver who showed up offered to bring Jackson to a local establishment. However, he said a group of men wielding machetes assaulted him when he exited the vehicle, rendering him unconscious.

Jackson reported waking up in a ditch with several serious injuries. He immediately realized that a significant amount of time had passed, as it was by then dark out, even though he left the hotel at 10 a.m., according to a Fox News Digital report.

Jackson told Fox 11 that a female officer eventually brought him to a local airport. A separate Fox News Digital article quoted him saying the officer “put a few bandages” on him, but offered little in the way of further interventions. He later found help in a woman named Kayla Jackson, who was bound for Africa on a delayed flight. She reportedly listened to his story — and eventually coordinated with his wife in Utah to get him home.

But Jackson’s ordeal was far from over. He also reportedly had to undergo at least four different procedures to correct his injuries and ongoing mobility issues.

The Mexican government reportedly claims to be launching an investigation into the matter. A State Department official told Fox News Digital, “We stand ready to provide all appropriate consular assistance.”

Many parts of Mexico are known for being dangerous to US travelers due to crime. In October, the government released an updated travel advisory with a list of some of the most dangerous places to visit.

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