US Climate Convoy Says Putin Can’t Exploit Green Energy

US Climate Convoy Says Putin Can't Exploit Green Energy

( – As the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues, the world is doing what it can to put an end to the fighting. President Vladimir Putin has dramatically increased the price of fuel in response to sanctions, firing back at countries he feels are interfering in the conflict — including the United States. That scenario recently led Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry to push for green energy production, a path he suggests would help America skirt the Kremlin’s effect on the oil and gas industry.

During an Our Oceans conference on the island of Palau, Kerry suggested that the US should focus more intently on green energy. He justified the move by claiming that President Putin wouldn’t have the means to manipulate the wind and sun.

Kerry claims the time to transition to independent and clean energy is now. But is that realistic? Is green energy somehow immune to the effects of global conflicts?

Crazy Kerry

Kerry’s recent comments aren’t the first time he’s prioritized the Green New Deal (GND) over the conflict in Ukraine. The Special Envoy previously expressed concern over all the Russian Federation’s military emissions during their assault on Ukraine.

Couldn’t the United States avoid the alleged influence on gas prices from Russia if it became energy independent in the first place? Why must it be clean energy for the US to transition?

According to Reuters, Russia currently supplies Europe with around 40% of its natural gas, making it difficult for the Western community’s sanctions to have the most brutal impact possible on Putin. Special Envoy Kerry is correct: It would be difficult for the Russian President to exploit wind or solar energy.

However, the Russian leader does have the power to exploit the situation. Kerry simply parrots the Biden Administration’s claims that the sky-high fuel prices are Russia’s fault rather than looking inward to Biden’s apparent fight against energy independence in America. The reality is that gas prices were already up before Putin decided to attack Ukraine. Continued finger-pointing and bad policymaking might only help the Kremlin’s cause by keeping worldwide dependence on Russian fuel high.

All About the Green New Deal

As with several other issues, it appears Kerry is using this situation as a soapbox to push for the passage of the GND. That tactic is similar to the way Democrats use tragedies to push for gun control.

Kerry urged Palau and other countries to push for a more expensive green energy solution. He sees a future where it serves as a substitute for the use of fossil fuels — a vision he shared promptly after arriving on his own private jet. Where Kerry is probably right is in the fact that the world, especially America, does need to seriously consider how it gets energy. However, there are severe problems with Kerry’s thinking and his all-or-nothing approach.

There is nothing wrong with green energy, but it is significantly more expensive. If Kerry wants to help Americans save money on energy and fuel, he should call for energy independence first and push for the GND later.

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