US Diplomat Sorry for ‘Black Girl Magic’ Tweets

( – After a series of bizarre tweets aimed at Afghani women and girls, the US diplomat who sent them is now apologizing.

Critics and observers were shocked at the tweets sent by US Chargé d’Affaires Karen B. Decker, apparently connected to the US celebration of Black History Month.

Decker sent a series of tweets directed to Afghani women citing “black girl magic”, and asking if the Afghani women had heard of it and “the movement” it inspired. The “Black Girl Magic” hashtag grew popular in 2016 and is used on social media, mainly by progressive leftists, to “uplift” black girls and “instill pride in black culture and heritage,” according to the NY Post. The implication is that there is a certain special quality that only black women and girls have.

After the State Department said Decker’s tweets were unauthorized and “inappropriate,” they were deleted. Spokesman Ned Price said the tweets had not been cleared by top level officials.

Decker is now apologizing in a tone similar to the one she used in the original tweets, using language out of the progressive left’s playbook. She said that her “best intentions” had gone “awry” because she hadn’t “listened enough” to the “lived experience” of others.

She said she was trying to “celebrate courageous African Americans,” though it is unclear how that might be relevant to the situation Afghan women and girls find themselves in.

Decker offered the standard “to any and all” who were “offended or hurt.”

Since the Biden administration’s bungled withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in August 2021, the country has fallen back under the rule of the radical authoritarian Taliban. The Taliban practices a fundamentalist form of Islam that forces women to cover themselves head to toe and submit to male authority at all times.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) called Decker’s tweets an embarrassment, while Texas Republican Ted Cruz quipped, “And they said the adults were back in charge.” Cruz’s joke was a reference to the Biden administration’s claims that serious and grown-up people had returned to the White House after Donald Trump’s departure.

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