US Downs 8th UFO in Banner Week

( – After the White House and the US Military allowed a Chinese spy balloon to float across the country unmolested for a week, military jets are making up for it in spades this week.

Media headlines have been “clickbaity,” featuring talk of UFOs being shot down left and right, playing on the public’s association of the term “Unidentified Flying Objects” with the concept of little green men from outer space in flying saucers.

This past week fighter jets have downed at least four such objects over the eight days, though details about these objects are sketchy. The White House has so far confirmed that one of the four objects shot down was Chinese-made. Officials said the object was part of China’s large spy program.

After the Chinese spy balloon first spotted by residents over Montana was finally shot down in the Atlantic ocean February 4, all of a sudden news of other craft being shot down by the US military is coming out nearly every day. The military’s current attention to sky-borne threats—and the White House’s interest in telling the public about it—may be a reaction to widespread perception that the Biden administration was irresponsible to have allowed the original spy balloon to travel undisturbed for a week.

On February 10th, the military shot down an unidentified object over northeastern Alaska. The US believed it to be another balloon but could not confirm that as the object broke up on impact with the water.

The next day, a US F-22 Raptor flew over Canada’s Yukon Territory (with Canada’s permission) and shot down what has only been described as “an aircraft.” President Joe Biden held a phone call with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss recovering and identifying the craft.

Then again the next day, on February 11th, a US F-16 jet shot down an object over Lake Huron, which the government believes was the same object it had tracked the night before.

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