US Drone Strikes Kill Locals in Afghanistan

US Drone Strikes Kill Locals in Afghanistan

( – President Joe Biden addressed the nation shortly after the August 26 suicide bomber attack in Afghanistan that killed 13 US service members. He promised to hunt down those responsible in his own time. It seems things didn’t turn out as planned.

On August 28, several Afghan civilians, including children, were killed by a drone strike ordered by US military officials. It remains unclear exactly how many people died, but one person told reporters that nine family members died due to the airstrike.

A spokesperson for the US Central Command said a secondary explosion might have been responsible for the deaths, not the drone strike itself. Yet, he conceded that military officials were still “assessing” the strike’s impact.

As one might expect, the Biden administration is distancing itself from the strike. And, there is some historical precedent for holding a president accountable for military blunders.

For example, former President Jimmy Carter arguably lost his reelection bid largely due to a botched attempt to rescue American hostages held in Iran. Rick Hernandez, one of Carter’s senior aides, reportedly said, “We just lost the election” when he heard about the failed rescue mission.

The long-term impact of the Afghan crisis on Biden’s presidency remains uncertain at this point. However, one thing is certain. Republicans likely won’t let America forget about his lack of effective leadership throughout the catastrophe.

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