US Envoy Deployed Overseas

U.S. Envoy Deployed Overseas

( – Tensions between the United States and North Korea are beginning to elevate again. The US military continues to conduct exercises in South Korea, angering the ally’s northern neighbor. Washington is sending a Special Representative to the communist country, hoping to solve several issues diplomatically.

Sung Kim, US Special Representative for North Korea, spoke on October 18 about facilitating a meeting between the United States, Japan and South Korea representatives. The trio of countries will address the growing nuclear concerns coming out of the Communist regime. Kim noted that all involved parties need to come together and take concrete action toward denuclearizing North Korea to create lasting peace.

The task is easier said than done as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has asserted weapons development is essential for his country’s defense. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, North Korea is closer than ever to weaponizing uranium as of September. Special Representative Kim also cited human rights abuse concerns.

Kim plans to travel to South Korea after hosting a meeting with allies in Washington, DC. In South Korea, the US Envoy intends to discuss officially ending the Korean War. If peace talks are successful, the United States and North Korea could cooperate to improve their diplomatic relationship and potentially see North Korea end its nuclear program.

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