US Schools Suffer Billions in Losses From Ransomware Hackers

US Schools Suffer Billions in Losses From Ransomware Hackers

A Terrifying New Threat Is CRIPPLING America’s Schools – It Isn’t Guns This Time

( – Ransomware isn’t something people typically associate with schools. Yet, in 2021, as ransomware attacks became more popular and often targeted hospitals and other American businesses, more hackers began targeting schools. The attacks have caused schools across the country, as well as their students, to lose billions of dollars — as if many weren’t already having enough financial trouble.

Comparitech reported ransomware attacks caused downtime and other losses totaling $3.56 billion in a total of 954 schools victimized by ransomware. Altogether hackers carried out 67 attacks targeting the schools in 2021, potentially impacting the lives of 950,129 students.

The site mentioned that ransomware attacks against schools have slowed down recently. Still, the impacts are often devastating, sometimes causing schools to shut their doors forever.

In 2021, Breitbart News reported that 1,200 K-12 schools in America suffered at the hands of hackers who stole and published their data. The hackers stole and released students’ data, including social security numbers, medical records, where they live, their family’s financial standing, and birth dates — information thieves can use to steal identities.

Before they’re even old enough to drive or go on a date, students could become the victims of identity theft. School ransomware attacks go beyond the institutions’ bottom lines; they’re impacting American lives, young and old.

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