US Soldier DEAD – Cause of Death Revealed!

Investigation Reveals Details of Navy SEAL Candidate's Death

Investigation Reveals Details of Navy SEAL Candidate’s Death

( – Navy SEAL candidate Kyle Mullen died after completing Hell Week during his training to become part of the elite force in February. The military gave no cause at the time of his death but announced he was not “actively training” at the time.

On October 12, the Navy released a report showing the 24-year-old died of “acute pneumonia” and an enlarged heart. Three officers in charge of the candidate could face disciplinary action for the part they played in Mullen’s death.

Fellow recruits said Mullen was struggling during the grueling week. They said the instructors had to give him oxygen on multiple occasions and transported him by ambulance so he could finish his training.

According to the report, someone with medical training should have observed the SEAL trainee after Hell Week. Instead, those in charge assigned that duty to others in the program.

Experts also found performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in the young man’s system at the time of his death. However, the professionals said the PEDs were not the cause of his demise.

The Navy sent warning letters to the former commanding officer of the Basic Training Command, the current Naval Special Warfare Center commanding officer, and a “senior medical officer.” There were no details regarding any specific disciplinary measures.

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