USA Today Accused of Gaslighting Public on Hunter Biden Charges

( – Hunter Biden’s litany of admitted and alleged crimes involving taxes, guns, drugs, prostitution, influence peddling, and money laundering have been collectively referred to as “foibles” by USA Today. The term was used in a July 29th tweet and also appeared in an accompanying article. It suggested that Republicans were capitalizing on the younger Biden’s issues to “inflict harm” on his father’s 2024 campaign.

Critics pounced quickly with gaslighting accusations. The non-opinion piece was featured in the paper’s “politics” section and was headlined with a phrase that said conservatives were “trying to slime” President Biden.

Charles Cook of the National Review referred to USA Today’s tweet as a “masterpiece” of “framing.” He gave the paper a “10/10” for its ability to change the narrative from a story about Hunter Biden’s follies to that of Republican dirty tricks.

One of the most heavily viewed replies was a meme that showed Hunter Biden hugging his father while the President kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “It’s ok, son. Only ‘the poors’ go to jail.”

Jon Levine of the New York Post posted a screenshot of the definition for “foible” and said USA Today’s choice of words was “a very creative way” to explain “not paying your taxes.”

Conservative thinker Ian Haworth tweeted that “felonies” can be considered “foibles” when one identifies as a Democrat, but if someone identifies as a Republican “fantasies” become “felonies.”

Haworth was referencing Hunter Biden’s recent agreement with Delaware prosecutors whereby the President’s son would avoid jail by pleading guilty to gun and tax crimes. A judge refused to endorse the agreement after reviewing the prosecution’s terms.

Hunter Biden’s former business associate, Devon Archer, is scheduled to testify behind closed doors to members of the House on July 31st about the extent to which the Biden family was involved with Ukrainian energy company Burisma. Republicans have alleged corruption on the part of both Hunter Biden and his father.

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