USA Updates International Travel Bans

USA Updates International Travel Bans

( – Most countries continue to limit international travel in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Canada, for example, reopened its borders to allow land travel from the US in mid-August. American leaders have other plans.

The US is once again extending restrictions on land travel from both Mexico and Canada through October 31. The regulations are for non-essential travel only.

People traveling for the purposes of healthcare, school, or cross-border trade aren’t subject to the ban. Similarly, US citizens and permanent residents are also exempt.

The extension comes just after official plans to allow fully vaccinated people from any country to come to America via air travel in November.

Land travel bans will affect both Mexico and Canada. However, the two countries couldn’t be any more different at the present point in time. A humanitarian crisis recently erupted in Texas as immigrants swarmed Del Rio, Texas. In contrast, our northern border remains almost silent.
The Biden administration says it told the Canadian government US officials intend to keep regulations on both borders symmetrical despite their differences.

Congressman Brian Higgens (D-NY) feels protecting international travelers’ health with travel regulations is a smart move. However, he disagrees with shutting the door on our northern neighbors. Higgens feels people and communities across the US-Canada border rely heavily on cross-border trade, and questions the need for a continued ban.

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