USPS Leadership Doxxed — Dems to Blame

( – Over the last few weeks, Democrats have alleged in a conspiracy theory that the United States Postal Service (USPS) will be broke by November. They contend the agency lacks the infrastructure to handle mail-in voting. They also accuse Postmaster General Louis DeJoy of intentionally sabotaging the postal services’ ability to control the large volume of mail-in ballots.

On Wednesday, August 19, House Republican leaders wrote a letter claiming Democrats’ actions incentivized bad characters to dox USPS leadership.

Doxxing is the public disclosure of someone’s real name or addresses on the internet with malicious intent. The Republican Congressmen allege protestors were harassing USPS employee leadership in public and, most importantly, at their homes due to the availability of private information. They say employees are unnecessarily being endangered due to the irresponsible behavior of Democrats.

The USPS has never said there would be a problem with delivering mail-in ballots. The only concern the agency has is some states have unrealistic timelines for mailing ballots to ensure they’re received by the deadlines for counting.

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