(Video) Senate Democrats Taken to the Woodshed

Senate Republicans launched a scorching ad blitz targeting Democrats, proving their complicity in riots that erupted from coast to coast in Democratic-led cities.

Democrats and lefty-Liberals will flip out when they see the latest “scorched earth” video released on August 3 by the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

Titled “Say No to the Mob,” the video shows racism isn’t burning down Portland, and other Leftist-led cities — Black Lives Matter and Antifa members are, and Democrats are urging them on every step of the way.

The NRSC produced the video to show what’s at stake for America if Republicans lose control of the Senate. “Democrats encourage the “mob mentality and violent uprisings” America is currently experiencing, stated Jesse Hunt, the NRSC’s communication director.

Continuing, he said Democrats encourage the rioting and looting. Democrats, as Hunt pointed out, are in fear of their constituents and pander to their base demands.

Americans cannot afford a Democratic-led Senate. As Hunt concluded, “a vote for Democrats is a vote for the mob.” However, you can help by voting and taking some friends with you when you go.

Load up your car. Your party needs you. Your president needs you; and the country needs you!

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