Video: Trans Man Gets Emotional About Lonely Life as a Man

( – A bearded transgender man got more than he bargained for after transitioning, says the female-born influencer who took to social media to complain of his intense loneliness. Twitter’s “Libs of Tiktok,” which has 2.2 million followers, reposted the video to their account and caused it to go viral. The video now has almost 40 million views, along with more than 10,000 comments and 16,000 thousand retweets.

In the video, the trans social media influencer told his Instagram followers that prior to transitioning, nobody told him “how lonely being a man is.” The influencer goes by the online moniker @thetranscoach (his legal name is James Barnes) and lists himself as a motivational speaker and stress management coach.

Libs of Tiktok is known for mocking the social media posts of the far left, especially those from the transgender community. In the case of this video, however, the video’s accompanying text remarks “This is really sad.”

Struggling through what appeared to be genuine tears and in a choked-up voice, James said women are naturally more social and emotionally available in even the most casual of environments, like bathrooms, because of their ability to be “more vulnerable and deep.”

“We knew what depth felt like before we transitioned,” Barnes says. He goes on to say that people now tend to cross the street in his presence simply because of the cold nature that most men emit. Barnes cites difficulty in building friendships as well, in addition to saying he now understands why men are far more likely to commit suicide than their female peers.

Recent statistics confirm Barnes’ assertion and show that men are almost four times as likely to successfully commit suicide as women. Middle-aged white men, which is how Barnes identifies, account for almost 70% of all suicides. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention says 132 people kill themselves daily in the United States. The majority are men.

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