Virginia Democrat Candidate Caught Without a Mask

Virginia Democrat Candidate Caught Without a Mask

( – Most people expect their leaders to lead by example. Federal mandates dictate that passengers and employees wear masks while on public transportation and in transportation hubs. But, some people seem to disregard the mandates without any real consequence. However, that may change. 

Terry McAuliffe, former Governor of Virginia, is currently a Democratic candidate in the state’s governor race. As the former governor campaigned to get his old job back, a passenger on an Amtrak train caught McAuliffe on the phone in the transportation hub not wearing a mask, clearly in violation of the federal mandate. 

Yet, the incident didn’t end there. The passenger again noticed McAuliffe on the train, still on the phone, and still without a face covering. In the photo, observers can see the maskless former governor on the train, a passenger in the distance with a mask on and the masked passenger directly behind McAuliffe.

Signs prominently displayed on the train also indicated all passengers, vaccinated or not, must wear masks while aboard the train. The passenger, who requested anonymity, stated they were fully vaccinated and still required to wear a mask and had no problem doing so. They noted the former governor’s disregard for the mask mandate was a clear double standard. The passenger also compared past incidents involving California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) flaunting mandates. 

Witnesses claim Newsom was allegedly dining in a restaurant in November 2020 with people from outside his home without a mask during the height of the pandemic after issuing strict mask and social distancing mandates in his state. Other witnesses claim Pelosi allegedly went to a hair salon without a mask in late August 2020 as the only patron of a closed hair studio. Most states shut down salons and other personal care facilities due to the pandemic. 

Democratic lawmakers have no problem imposing rules and regulations on their constituents, but these and several other examples seem to show they apparently don’t believe those same restrictions apply to them, creating a double standard at best. Is that really how they believe they should lead by example? 

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