VP Harris: Balloon Won’t Affect US-China Relations

(RepublicanNews.org) – Vice President Kamala Harris said on February 14th that China’s deploying surveillance craft in US air space should not affect relations between the two countries.

Talking to Politico magazine, Harris said she did not think the presence of Chinese spycraft over the US should affect diplomatic relations between the two nations. The US seeks “competition,” not “conflict or confrontation.”

The Vice President’s tone is at odds with a wide swath of the American public on both sides of the political aisle. Politicians and citizens reacted with disbelief, puzzlement, and then anger, as the US watched a Chinese spy balloon float down from Canada and across the US.

The Chinese balloon, carrying a payload the size of a city bus, traveled from Montana to the east coast of the US for a week unmolested before a US fighter jet finally shot it down on February 4th.

Since then, the US military has been much quicker to respond to unidentified craft, shooting down four more objects in the month of February. Officials are still gathering debris to identify the purpose, origin, and capability of these objects.

The communist Chinese government insists the original balloon was only monitoring the weather and had drifted off course. The US immediately dismissed this claim.

Many D.C. lawmakers are angry at what they perceive as the Biden Administration’s lax and weak response to Chinese intrusion into US airspace. President Joe Biden has not yet addressed the country after the most recent downing of four more unidentified objects.

The latest objects shot down by US planes were found over Alaska, Canada, and Lake Huron during the weekend of February 11th and 12th.

Whenever the topic of unidentified flying craft heats up, many ask if “it’s aliens.” When asked about the possibility that any of the craft were from outer space, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Americans do not need to worry about space aliens.

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