WA Man Admits to Stalking Republican Lawmaker

(RepublicanNews.org) – A Washington state man has pleaded guilty to stalking charges after he admitted to menacing Republic state representative Michelle Caldier.

Isaiah Long of Bremerton, WA, pleaded guilty to two felony counts earlier this month in Kitsap County Superior Court. Court records indicate that Long began harassing Rep. Caldier in 2021, and that he continued after he was given a warning and was ordered to stop contacting the politician.

Michell Caldier described the situation as “awful” and said she considered getting a gun to protect herself. The lawmaker said Long appeared three times at her father’s house when he was pursuing her.

Prosecutors charged Long with one count of stalking in October 2022, but added another count in February as the case was set to go to trial. Long pleaded guilty to both counts as part of a plea deal just after jury selection got underway.

Caldier earlier told police she’d been getting concerning telephone calls from Long for quite some time. She asked for an order of protection when Long escalated by showing up at her father’s house and asking for pictures of her.

The Sheriff’s deputy who Caldier originally contacted for help made notes on the case. According to the file, Caldier told the deputy she got so many calls from Long she stopped answering the phone completely. She reported that Long’s demeanor was erratic. Sometimes he would sound happy and would sing over the phone. At other times, he would become angry and yell at Caldier, demanding to know why she wouldn’t meet him or move in with him.

Long’s apparent delusion was on display when state police interviewed him. He told officers that Caldier was his pen pal and that she was his “good friend.”

The Kitsap County Prosecutor has recommended a 17-month prison term for Long, who will be sentenced on March 24th.

Caldier said she feels safer knowing Long is behind bars but wonders how she will protect herself when he is eventually released. 

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