WaPo Reporter Pushes Climate Agenda By Fear Mongering

WaPo Reporter Pushes Climate Agenda By Fear Mongering

Leftist Predict Catastrophe Will Unfold If Biden Doesn’t Get His Way

(RepublicanNews.org) – President Joe Biden has been attempting to get climate legislation passed since the beginning of his time in the White House but has met with opposition from within his party. Now, the commander-in-chief seems ready to negotiate with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), who has stood in the way of Biden’s proposals on many occasions. Yet, Washington Post reporter Jeff Stein claimed Manchin has delayed the legislation, which he warned could be “fatal.”

Stein is the co-author of a recent WaPo article detailing Biden’s potential compromise with the Senator to seal the deal on his climate change bill. According to the report, the president is willing to allow more oil projects and drilling, including a pipeline through West Virginia. In exchange, Manchin would vote in favor of Biden’s climate change package.

The WaPo reporter noted the trade-off makes sense, and the legislation’s benefit outweighs the climate cost of the new oil drilling and projects. Still, Manchin hasn’t promised anything, and Biden needs to be careful.

The reporter chided the politicians, saying while the two Democrats talk it out, the world is getting hotter. Stein explained failure to negotiate a workable compromise isn’t an option because it could result in “fatal, permanent, and global” consequences.

This isn’t the first time Senator Manchin has stood his ground against his own party. The Democrat has been critical of his party’s obsession with climate change and has blocked massive, expensive bills like Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. Manchin has proven repeatedly that he’s not interested in doing what’s right for his party; he’s doing what he believes is right for his constituents, the way all politicians should.

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